Africa – History of a Continent

Elikia M’Bokolo, Philippe Sainteny, Alain Ferrari

Documentary, France, 2010, 90’
Subtitles: Portuguese; English Voice-Over; M/12

This docu­men­tary tells us about the adven­ture, sin­gu­lar and col­lec­tive of Africa from 1900 to the late twen­ti­eth century.

An alter­na­tive story, a kind of epic in which the Afri­can con­ti­nent is both the nar­ra­tor and the hero. It com­bi­nes inter­vi­ews of some major Afri­can figu­res with unpu­blished records and material.

It is a jour­ney from the colo­nial era, tough and uncer­tain, to the great adven­tu­res of demo­cracy and the Afri­can union, through the effer­ves­cence of inde­pen­dence and civil war, the chaos of glo­bal con­flict and the unrest due to the cri­sis and cul­tu­ral renewal.

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