Independence Dance with Djumbai Djazz

Djumbai Djazz was born in Lisbon in 1999, at the hands of the founder Maio Coopé, as a musical and research project that recovers lost rhythms of Guinea-Bissau.

With influ­en­ces from groups like Cobi­ana Jazz and Super Mama Djombo, the band per­for­med seve­ral times in Por­tu­gal with Kimi Djabaté.

The music they play is inten­ded to be an avant-garde ver­sion of the tra­di­ti­o­nal Gui­nean music, cros­sing with sounds of West Africa and its reper­toire has influ­en­ces of Afri­can psy­che­de­lia, of Bem­beya Jazz or of the Toure Cunda rhythms.

Djum­bai Djazz is con­si­de­red one of the most outs­tan­ding inter­pre­ters of Gumbé, tra­di­ti­o­nal music of Guinea-Bissau. In the foyer of the São Jorge Cinema, the band pre­sents itself with six ele­ments in a dance ver­sion that invi­tes you to dance to the fre­ne­tic rhythms of Gumbé, of the per­cus­si­ons and of an almost magi­cal melody mar­ked by the Korá, an Afri­can ins­tru­ment con­si­de­red sacred and mystical.