Colonialism Sucks + Cabralista


Ani­ma­tion, Uni­ted King­dom, 2014, 51’
Sub­ti­tles: Por­tu­guese and English; M/12

This film focu­ses on the impact of colo­ni­a­lism and results from the rese­arch into ima­ges in the archive of the Museu Real de Enge­nhei­ros. Through pic­ture clip­pings, you can unders­tand how the colo­nial look is cha­rac­te­ri­sed and still get to know the poli­ti­cal and social men­ta­lity of the time and its con­se­quen­ces when com­bi­ned with the power of the mili­tary. The notion of what is poli­ti­cally cor­rect is re-analyzed as well as the offen­sive and dis­res­pect­ful beha­vi­our of some mili­tary. Des­pite the humour of the ani­ma­ti­ons of this movie, the mes­sage is extreme, as it chal­len­ges the impact of the mili­tary pre­sence throughout his­tory and today.

+ CABRALISTA, Valério Lopes

Documentary,Cape Verde e Luxem­bourg, 2011, 56’
Sub­ti­tles: Por­tu­guese and English; M/12


Amil­car Cabral was a Gui­nean lea­der, wri­ter, poli­ti­cian and fre­e­dom figh­ter, assas­si­na­ted in 1973. Cabra­lista focu­ses on the legacy left by him and in the appe­a­rance of the Cabra­lista move­ment in an outra­ged Africa.

The docu­men­tary reflects on what remai­ned in the col­lec­tive memory and how the influ­ence of Cabral’s ideas had an impact far beyond the Afri­can con­ti­nent. The aim is to spread the words and wis­dom of Cabral and sup­port the con­cept he cre­a­ted of the poli­ti­cal and social rea­fri­ca­ni­zing of spi­rits, recog­ni­zed worldwide as a pil­lar of Afri­can eman­ci­pa­tion. Com­po­sed of voice recor­dings and unre­le­a­sed huma­nist quo­tes and modern visual effects, this docu­men­tary is a uni­que vision of Africa of the past and
of today.

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