Convention: Mur Noir / Trous Blancs

Joris Lachaise

Documentary, France and Mali, 2011, 72’
Subtitles: Portuguese and English; M/12

In this film, the fif­ti­eth anni­ver­sary of the inde­pen­dence of Mali beco­mes the basis on which ones ques­ti­ons the role of a story­tel­ler, the one that nar­ra­tes and ine­vi­ta­bly builds and invents the story.

The author, Joris Lachaise, cho­o­ses to use the third per­son and a dis­tant pers­pec­tive, por­traying Africa through his own view, the view of a white man, the stan­dard view that con­ti­nues to shape Africa.

It is a cri­ti­cal posi­tion, but atten­tive and vigi­lant as if through a kalei­dos­cope assem­bly one could pic­ture the dif­fe­rent sta­tes of a deco­lo­ni­zed body. Free, digres­sive and inven­tive, this docu­men­tary encou­ra­ges us to think about his­tory in a non-didactic way and to ques­tion the con­di­ti­ons and con­se­quen­ces rela­ted to obtai­ning freedom.

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