Between memory and resistance

On the one hand, the story of the nati­o­na­lists, the strug­gle against colo­ni­a­lism, independence.

Through them we can unders­tand rea­lity, what life was like in these coun­tries during the colo­nial era and the con­trol stra­te­gies. The hid­den life, the pro­gramme Angola Com­ba­tant, the post-independence. On the other, the gene­ra­tion that inhe­ri­ted a revo­lu­ti­o­nary past and that denoun­ces cur­rent injus­ti­ces. Between them, the cul­tu­ral issue, lite­ra­ture, music, the­a­tre and com­mu­ni­ca­tion, lan­gua­ges that express col­lec­tive pain and cre­ate movements.


Born in Lis­bon in 1976. Jour­na­list, trans­la­tor, edi­tor and pro­du­cer, she gra­du­a­ted in Modern Lan­gua­ges and Lite­ra­ture, and is a PhD stu­dent in Art Stu­dies at the Faculty of Social and Human Sci­en­ces of Uni­ver­si­dade Nova of Lis­bon. She cre­a­ted the maga­zine V-ludo and wrote in vari­ous publi­ca­ti­ons such as Ler, news­pa­per Público, DNA or Le Monde diplo­ma­ti­que. She lived in Cape Verde, Angola, Mozam­bi­que and Rio de Janeiro, where she deve­lo­ped cul­tu­ral pro­jects, and wor­ked in vari­ous maga­zi­nes and publi­ca­ti­ons. She was invol­ved in rese­ar­ching and pro­du­cing the docu­men­tary series and cura­ted Roça Lín­gua, first writ­ten resi­dence of Portuguese-speaking authors in São Tomé and Prin­cipe. In 2010 she cre­a­ted the por­tal BUALA and is today the publisher.


Born in Luanda in 1935 and since young man he has fought for the inde­pen­dence of Angola, in its cul­tu­ral, poli­ti­cal and armed sec­tors. He was a mem­ber of the board of the Angola Cul­tu­ral Soci­ety and of Cine-Club of Luanda, he inte­gra­ted the edi­to­rial staff of the news­pa­per Cul­tura and was a jour­na­list in the Luanda daily ABC. In 1959, he was arres­ted by PIDE, and years later went into exile, where he was one of the foun­ders and lea­ders of the Ango­lan Stu­dies Cen­tre in Algi­ers. He direc­ted the radio Angola Com­ba­tente and the con­tes­ta­tion cur­rent Revolta Activa, in MPLA. In Por­tu­gal and Angola, he has been pre­sent in the debate on Africa and has repor­ted the tes­ti­mo­nies of the times he lived in war and in exile.


Des­cen­dant of immi­grants, she is a mother, poet and acti­vist. Co-coordinator of the Asso­ci­a­tion Grupo Tea­tro do Opri­mido of Lis­bon and one of the men­tors of the AMI-AFRO, an inno­va­tive aesthe­tic expe­ri­ence on the spe­ci­fics of the oppres­sion faced by Afri­can des­cen­dants that addres­ses artis­ti­cally silen­ced topics such as racial, gen­der and class dis­cri­mi­na­tion.
He is a mem­ber of the inter­na­ti­o­nal network of the Orga­ni­sa­ti­ons of the Oppres­sed The­a­tre of Europe Together (Por­tu­gal, France, Spain, Ger­many, Italy, Cro­a­tia and the Uni­ted King­dom); she was coor­di­na­tor of non-formal edu­ca­tion acti­vi­ties in the Cul­tu­ral Asso­ci­a­tion Moi­nho da Juven­tude (1997–2008) and of the Fran­cis Obikwelu Foun­da­tion (2008–2009).


Born in Angola and rai­sed in Por­tu­gal. She is a jour­na­list and fre­e­lance radio pro­du­cer and blog­ger. She gra­du­a­ted in Trans­la­tion of English and Ger­man at the Faculty of Arts, Uni­ver­sity of Lis­bon. In 2008, she star­ted a radio course for inter­na­ti­o­nal jour­na­lists at Deuts­che Welle Aka­de­mie in Bonn and inte­gra­ted the edi­to­rial staff wri­ting in Por­tu­guese for Africa at Radio Deuts­che Welle. In late 2013, she retur­ned to Lis­bon to do a Master’s Degree in Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, Cul­ture and Infor­ma­tion Tech­no­logy. A year later, she cre­a­ted the audi­o­blog Radio Afro­Lis where she addres­ses issues rela­ted to Afri­can des­cent com­mu­ni­ties living in Lisbon.


He holds a master’s degree in Edu­ca­tion from King’s Col­lege, Uni­ver­sity of Lon­don, diploma in Pro­ject Mana­ge­ment from the Ins­ti­tute of Lea­dership and Mana­ge­ment. He is an entre­pre­neur and trainer/consultant in Social Inno­va­tion tools. He deve­lo­ped social pro­jects and trai­ning in Por­tu­gal, England, France and Bra­zil. Since 1995 he has been wor­king with young peo­ple and cre­a­ted a Youth Arts Pro­gram com­bi­ning dance, music and the­a­tre. In 2011 he rele­a­sed Do Something Por­tu­gal, a pro­ject of young volun­te­ers to ins­pire social change. He is a song­wri­ter and author of the tele­vi­sion sketch Social Inno­va­tors in RTP Africa.