Founded in 1983, the success of the Mozambican group Ghorwane is due in part to the energetic and cheerful sound that mixes different Mozambican rhythms in contrast to the environment in which the country was at the time.

Civic acti­vism, cri­ti­cal poli­ti­cal awa­re­ness, bold­ness and direct­ness of the lyrics of his songs led to Samora Machel dub­bing the band Bons Rapa­zes (Good Boys).

In 1990, they recor­ded Maju­ru­jenta, the band’s first album, after Peter Gabriel’s invi­ta­tion to attend the WOMAD fes­ti­val and record in the Real World Records stu­dios in England.

The group is still con­si­de­red one of the most impor­tant in the coun­try, still active des­pite having tra­gi­cally lost two of its foun­ding mem­bers: Zeca Alage and Pedro Langa. In Lis­bon, and after 32 years enhan­cing Afri­can rhythms and Mozam­bi­can cul­ture, Rotas & Ritu­ais counts with the per­for­mance of the lea­der Car­los Gove (bass and com­po­si­tion), Roberto Chit­sondzo (voice and com­po­si­tion), Muzila Mulembe (saxophone), Anto­nio Baza (trum­pet), Julius Baza (trum­pet), Tony Paco (per­cus­sion), Jorge Solo­mon (key­bo­ard), Antó­nio Tcheko (drums) and Sheila Max­lhungo (voice).