Grande Hotel

Lotte Stoops

Documentary, Belgium, 2010, 70’
Subtitles: Portuguese and English; M/12

In 1955, Grande Hotel was inau­gu­ra­ted in the pro­vince of Beira in Mozam­bi­que. An impo­sing and luxu­ri­ous struc­ture that aspi­red to be the lar­gest hotel in Africa.

This sym­bol of colo­nial mega­lo­ma­nia and of the trou­bled his­tory of Mozam­bi­que, a 12-thousand square meters mons­ter with 110 extre­mely luxu­ri­ous rooms is, 60 years later, home to more than 2 500 per­ma­nent guests.

The revo­lu­ti­o­nary his­tory of this coun­try is unvei­led, living con­di­ti­ons, hopes, joys and sor­rows of those who live there become known on a jour­ney through past and pre­sent of a city within a city.

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