Kula: Uma memória quieta + Natal 71


Docu­men­tary, Mozam­bi­que, 2014, 14’
Sub­ti­tles: English; M/12

After a mas­sive ope­ra­tion to unlock a clan­des­tine network in Maputo, Lou­renço Mar­ques then, Langa is arres­ted by Kula, a bri­gade of PIDE (Inter­na­ti­o­nal Police and of State Secu­rity) that, in the 60s, wor­ked for the Por­tu­guese colo­nial regime in Mozam­bi­que. Then he is ques­ti­o­ned and taken to the Machava pri­son where over a thou­sand poli­ti­cal pri­so­ners were sub­jec­ted to long hours of inter­ro­ga­tion and inhu­man torture.

+ NATAL 71, Mar­ga­rida Cardoso

Docu­men­tary, Por­tu­gal, 2001, 58’
Sub­ti­tles: English; M/12


Natal 71 is the name of a record offe­red to the mili­tary at war in Por­tu­guese colo­nies that year. O Can­ci­o­neiro do Niassa is the name of an audio cas­sette, recor­ded secre­tly by the mili­tary over the years of war in Mozam­bi­que. The tape is the voice of outrage. The record is a piece of nati­o­na­list pro­pa­ganda. These are memo­ries of a clo­sed, poor and igno­rant coun­try, dor­mant due to the mel­low and pri­mary pro­pa­ganda that tried to hide all con­flicts, and that pre­ven­ted us from thin­king and recog­ni­zing the cruel and repres­sive nature of the regime in which we lived. Today we carry in silence, those memories.

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