Gorka Gamarra

Documentary, Spain and Guinea-Bissau, 2014, 63’
Subtitles: Portuguese and English; M/12

33 nati­ons, 33 cul­tu­res, 33 lan­gua­ges and in com­mon: Cre­ole.
The musi­cal group Cobi­ana Jazz used Cre­ole for poli­ti­cal and social rea­sons and with the aim of mobi­li­zing soci­ety to sup­port the strug­gle for freedom.

For the first time, the Gui­nean heard a song that gave voice to their social con­cerns and in a lan­guage that everyone could unders­tand.
In 1973, the Decla­ra­tion of Inde­pen­dence led to an unfi­nished pro­cess: making Cre­ole the offi­cial lan­guage of Guinea-Bissau. It is with the same aim that today the so-called new gene­ra­tion of musi­ci­ans strug­gles together with other cul­tu­ral movements.

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