My heart of darkness

Staffan Julén, Marius Van Nierkerk

Documentary, Sweden and Germany, 2010, 93’
Subtitles: Portuguese and English; M/12

Four vete­rans of dif­fe­rent war fronts get together on a boat trip around the mouth of River Kwando, in the depths of inner Africa. Twenty years later, uni­ted by the trauma of war, but also by the need to unders­tand, recon­cile and for­give, they return to the bat­tle­fi­elds, the pla­ces where, whilst young, they fought against each other.

My Heart of Dark­ness join the co-director and wri­ter Marius, who fought for the South Afri­can Defence Force (SADF) with three mem­bers of the Ango­lan Civil War: Patrick, who fought for MPLA, Samuel, who ser­ved UNITA, and Mario, a South Afri­can native, whose affi­li­a­tion chan­ged seve­ral times. Four dif­fe­rent lives, one path that will change them forever.

Todos os filmes são legendados em português e em inglês.