Os Tubarões

A well known Cape Verdean group that indelibly marked the musical culture of the country of origin, returns to the stage to, alongside big names of the music made in the Portuguese-speaking countries, celebrate 40 years of independence of the former colonies.

In the absence of influ­en­tial ele­ments that made up the last con­fi­gu­ra­tion of Os Tuba­rões, Zeca Couto, Mario Bet­ten­court, Jorge Lima and Israel Silva, invi­ted Alber­tino Évora (voice), Domin­gos Fer­nan­des (saxopho­nes), Diego Neves (key­bo­ards) and Jorge Mar­tins (drums) to par­ti­ci­pate in what is beli­e­ved to be a memo­ra­ble concert.

Labanta Braço Grita Bo Liber­dade, the motto of Rotas & Ritu­ais, is one of the the­mes of the first album of the Cape Ver­dean group Os Tuba­rões, rele­a­sed in 1976.