Rádio Afrolis

Carla Fernandes and Herberto Smith

Audioblog Rádio AfroLis is a space of cultural expression produced by people of african descent living in Lisbon: journalist Carla Fernandes and photographer Herbert Smith.

Wee­kly, in an audio inter­view for­mat, more and less known artists, more or less ordi­nary peo­ple talk about black­ness, racism and iden­tity, expo­sing the dif­fe­rent aspects of the emer­ging black cons­ci­ous­ness in Por­tu­gal. The ins­pi­ra­tion and the inten­tion is to repre­sent the vari­ous Afri­ca­ni­zed Por­tu­guese and the Portuguese-style Afri­cans living on the stre­ets and neigh­bourho­ods of Lis­bon – a pre­sence that is not regu­larly por­trayed in the media.

Rotas & Ritu­ais marks, this year, the for­ti­eth anni­ver­sary of inde­pen­dence of the for­mer Por­tu­guese colo­nies and is the­re­fore the ideal place for Afro­Lis to docu­ment, through inter­vi­ews and radio sket­ches pro­du­ced during the course of the fes­ti­val, yet another chap­ter of Afri­can and black expe­ri­ence in Lisbon.

This work can also be fol­lowed at www.radioafrolis.com.