Virgem Margarida

Licínio Azevedo

Drama, Moçambique, Portugal, 2012, 87’
Subtitles: English; M/12

In Mozam­bi­que, in 1975, the revo­lu­ti­o­nary govern­ment inten­ded to quic­kly remove all tra­ces of colo­ni­a­lism, inclu­ding, prostitution.

Pros­ti­tu­tes are taken from cities and taken to the most iso­la­ted forests of the coun­try, where they are re-educated and trans­for­med into new women, under guer­rilla surveillance.

In the field, cor­po­ral punish­ment and for­ced labour do not dimi­nish the strength of these women, on the con­trary, this con­tri­bu­tes towards them get­ting clo­ser and gai­ning power. Among the 500 pros­ti­tu­tes pla­ced in these re-education cen­tres we find Mar­ga­rida, a 16-year old pea­sant who is a vir­gin and was arres­ted by mis­take while trying to buy the trous­seau for her wedding.

A his­tory of women uni­ted in adver­sity, who, iso­la­ted from the world and their chil­dren, seek a path toward true democracy.

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